About Us

Balderlighting is a modern lighting company founded on the principle that quality lighting should be available to everyone at factory-direct prices. We believe everyone should have access to beautiful, functional, and safe lighting that is both affordable and reliable.

Balderlighting has developed a range of lighting products that are perfect for any home or commercial space. Balderlighting's product line includes ceiling lights, wall lights, floor lamps, table lamps, and even outdoor lighting products.

At Balderlighting, our products are designed with the utmost attention to detail and quality, ensuring that every piece of lighting we produce is of the highest caliber. We take pride in our craftsmanship, creating unique and eye-catching pieces that bring elegance and beauty to any room.Balderlighting is also committed to sustainability. All of the lighting products are designed to be energy efficient and to reduce their impact on the environment.

Balderlighting also works closely with customers to create lighting solutions that meet their specific needs. At Balderlighting, we’re passionate about lighting and creating products that will bring beauty and light to homes and businesses around the world.

With Balderlighting, you can be sure that your lighting solutions is stylish, affordable and long-lasting.


Team & Factory

Our team includes experienced professionals in various fields, including lighting design, engineering, and production. Our staff are all highly-skilled with years of experience in the industry, and they are dedicated to providing the best customer service and the highest quality products. We strive to create unique lighting solutions that will enhance any space and meet the needs of our customers.

Our factory is located in Zhongshan,China, the renowned lighting capital of the world. We have a complete production and sales system as well as a well-stocked supply chain of raw materials, allowing us to possess independent pricing power. This allows us to exclude middlemen and offer our customers more affordable prices!

Buying experience

We offer 24/7 customer service and 30-day free returns policy to ensure that our customers have a seamless and enjoyable shopping experience.